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    Business graphics allow you to visualize, structure and organize projects with impressive 2D / 3D graphics. No graphic designer required!
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Business Graphics


Pictures by PC CAD Software for Business Graphics



Create stunning 2-D and 3-D presentation graphics using one of many ready-made schemes (Typographics: Radar, Portfolio, Process Chain, Segment Ring, Venn 'Fishbone', Pie Chart, Pyramid). A parametric XML editor is used to create and modify the graphical layout and content. The resulting graphics can be reworked and customised using standard CAD tools (shadows, hatch, 3D fillet, 3D text extrusion, etc.). Automatic rendering generates bitmaps (photos) utilising lights, shadows, materials and reflections.


Visual Structuring

Visualise project and process structures using structural diagrams (Branching Tree, Line Tree, Folder, Fishbone etc). Parametric XML templates allow the interactive creation and modification of textual content (including import from existing text checklists) and the graphical layout. Effects such as hatch, shadow, and graphic symbols (bitmaps, WMF, vector graphics) also help to create unique structural diagrams that are easy to understand and instantly recognisable.


Linked PDF

Organise projects and documents (sales orders, certification documents, 2D / 3D CAD data, etc.) by linking documents to the aforementioned "Structure Diagrams". The documentation can then be freely navigated by simply clicking on the shortcut link icons. Convert all the project documentation into a single, external PDF file to view and browse through using a PDF reader on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone) similar to the CAD system (using the links). Windows-based platforms also support 3D PDF (zooming, rotating, and marking 3D CAD models).


Create business graphics using ready-made schemes within Pictures by PC CAD software (typographics: Radar, Portfolio, Process Chain, Segment Ring, Venn 'Fishbone', Pie Chart).
Visualise project and process structures using structural diagrams (Branching Tree, Line Tree, Folder, Fishbone etc) - Pictures by PC CAD Software.
Organise projects by linking documents to structure diagrams to generate linked 3D PDF projects for viewing on portable devices - Pictures by PC CAD software.
  • We work at several workstations with the CAD / CAM software Pictures by PC, mainly to undertake our machining tasks (we are a classic injection mould maker). I find the efficiency of the support / service particularly impressive. I was always helped promptly, patiently, competently and in a friendly manner. The topics dealt with went much deeper than just using the software. Suggestions for enhancements are welcomed and taken on board for future versions. We look back on a long-term cooperation with SCHOTT SYSTEME, we consider the strong customer focus of Schott as an absolute added value.
    Harald Stöss
  • We need high-performance software with a high degree of flexibility by the construction and, at the same time, the best possible support by the production. In SCHOTT SYSTEME we have found a reliable partner. Pictures by PC has been continuously developed in Germany, since over 35 years, and thanks to their computer-based licensing we have full cost control and absolute data sovereignty, which is an important factor for our company.
    Markus Stöckl
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