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  • Drilling, Milling, Multi-Axis Machining

    2.5D and 3+2 axis milling, drilling and engraving. Highlights include automatic feature recognition (pocket and hole) as well as (HPC) high performance trochoidal cutting.
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Drilling, Milling, Multi-Axis Machining


Pictures by PC CAM Software for 2.5D Milling and Drilling


2D/3D Milling, Drilling, Engraving

Pictures by PC enables the CNC milling, drilling and engraving of 2D and 3D CAD geometry within a few simple steps. Feature recognition extracts pocket and hole information directly from the CAD geometry. Proven machining strategies are applied with a single mouse click, and altered to suit. Toolpaths can be simulated (incl. stock material, tooling and clamping components), and translated into NC code using a machine post processor. NC worksheets are created to display required tooling and cutting times.


Trochoidal High Performance Cutting (HPC)

Trochoidal high performance cutting (HPC) generates spiral (helical) toolpaths that morph between differing pocket features (without tool retraction). This technique ensures constant cutter loads, enabling increased cutting depths and feeds to be used. Advantages also include less tool wear and improved surface finish. Feed rate compensation adjusts the feed rate according to the volume of material being milled. Optimal feed and speeds can be saved for differing machines and materials.


Multi Axis Machining (3+2)

Pictures by PC includes 4 axis rotary (3+1) and 5 axis (3+2) multi axis machining as standard. Feature recognition identifies pockets and holes from differing orientations. Both single or multiple (tombstone) components can be machined using a single setup. 5 axis post processors for standard controllers are included at no extra cost. 5 axis simultaneous machining is available as an additional module.


Pictures by PC CAM software for CNC milling, drilling and engraving of 2D and 3D CAD geometry including feature recognition of pockets and holes.
Trochoidal high performance cutting (HPC) for constant cutter loads and less tool wear with Pictures by PC CAM software.
Multi axis machining with Pictures by PC CAM software, including feature recognition to identify pockets and holes from differing orientations.
  • With our Pictures by PC CAD/CAM software, we can both design and manufacture the entire range of components required for our systems, from simple contour milled parts, to general fixture and mechanical components, to 3D freeform tools with more complex geometry.
    Markus Stöckl
  • Unparalleled! No other CAD / CAM system allows such deep access to its own source code. Here we can control and manage processes related to construction, milling and far more. As a development environment for our own automations, Pictures by PC plays a key role in the success of our company.
    Moritz Zumdick, M.Sc.
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