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  • Universal CAD/CAM Software

    Pictures by PC is a cost effective fully integrated CAD/CAM and IT software solution for all aspects of design, machining and technical documentation based on more than 30 years of development continuity.
  • 2D / 3D CAD Construction

    CAD drafting for the creation of production ready 2D drawings. 3D mechanical solid modelling including sheet metal and steel framing design.
  • 3D Freeform Modelling

    Sculpt and create aesthetically pleasing forms using our hybrid solid, surface and mesh modeller.
  • Render, Animation, Presentation

    Create stunning sales and marketing visuals using photo realistic rendering, animation, stereo and virtual reality presentations.
  • Graphic, Design, Documentation

    Create posters, brochures and flyers using Pictures by PC's graphic design tools. Produce technical documentation for assembly instructions and manuals.
  • Multi-Axis Drilling and Milling

    2.5D and 3+2 axis milling, drilling and engraving. Highlights include automatic feature recognition (pocket and hole) as well as (HPC) high performance trochoidal cutting.
  • 3D Freeform Machining

    3D freeform machining of hybrid solid, surface and mesh models. Highlights include HPC high performance trochoidal cutting and HSC high speed finishing.
  • Engraving and Carving

    Industrial Engraving of plates, signs, moulds and jewellery. Highlights include 3D projection and 3D wrapping, bitmap vectorisation and 3D reliefs from greyscale photos.
  • 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining

    4 and 5 axis simultaneous roughing and finishing. Automatic undercut detection with collision control (tool, holder, machine head, clamping components).
  • 2 and 4 Axis Wire Cutting

    2 and 4 axis wire cutting including rough and finish cutting with multiple tagging options. Automatic recognition of die (pocket) and hole features.
  • 2 Axis Turning and Multi-Axis Turn/Mill

    Turning with roughing, finishing, grooving, threading and drilling. Full support for C-axis, Y-axis and B-axis milling and drilling.
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No Maintenance Fees

Enjoy the continued use of a perpetual license without any yearly maintenance fees.

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No Maintenance Fees since 1984

When purchasing our Pictures by PC CAD/CAM software, you purchase a perpetual license for a single workstation. This means that the license can be continually used without any time limit and without any charge for yearly maintenance.

Transparent Pricing

Simple and transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Post processors for standard CNC machine controllers are free of charge.

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Free Software Support

Our customers receive free software support, direct from the software developer.

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Free Software Support

Our policy since the launch of Pictures by PC back in 1984, has always been to offer free software support. This continues even today with free access to support via telephone and email, directly with our software development team, for all of our customers.

Integrated CAD/CAM and IT Solutions


CAD/CAM and IT software Pictures by PC from German software developer SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH, is a cost effective solution for design and machining. The software facilitates  2D CAD construction, 3D hybrid modelling, technical documentation, rendering and animation. Standard CAM machining functionality includes 2.5D milling and drilling, 3D milling, engraving and 3+2 axis machining. Additional machining modules include 5 axis simultaneous milling, turning, mill/turn and wire cutting.


About us

SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH has over a 35 year period successfully developed and marketed a wide range of software product families for graphic and design, CAD and construction, product presentation and documentation, CAM computer aided machining in addition to numerous specialist applications.


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