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About Us


Software Developer for CAD/CAM and IT Solutions


Based in the heart of Munich, SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH has over 35 years successfully developed and marketed a wide range of software applications for the areas of graphic and design, CAD design, product presentation and documentation, as well as various CAM technologies and numerous special applications. Our core product, Pictures by PC,  is based on the two fundamental principles of open system architecture and programmability, which were introduced by the two company founders, Hans-Joachim Schott and Rolf Silvan Greverus. Thanks to these principles, Pictures by PC which was originally launched in 1983 as vector-based graphics software, has become a powerful solution for integrated 2D / 3D design, construction, and manufacturing in addition to rendering and animation.



  • I've been working with Pictures by PC for many years now and would choose it again and again. Just by being able to program functions ourselves, we have saved hundreds if not thousands of hours of creating CAM blocks since the introduction of our self-created automations. A free support that takes on even the most complex issues very quickly (and by that I mean VERY) and always helps competently is simply unique.
    Heinrich Heppenheimer
  • We need high-performance software with a high degree of flexibility by the construction and, at the same time, the best possible support by the production. In SCHOTT SYSTEME we have found a reliable partner. Pictures by PC has been continuously developed in Germany, since over 35 years, and thanks to their computer-based licensing we have full cost control and absolute data sovereignty, which is an important factor for our company.
    Markus Stöckl
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About us

For more than 35 years, SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH has developed and marketed comprehensive software solutions for graphics, design, CAD design, CAM / CNC production, product presentations, documentation and special applications.


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