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Engraving and Carving up to 5 Axis


  • Engraving and Carving up to 5 Axis

    Industrial engraving of front panels, signs, moulds and jewellery. Bitmap vectorisation, 3D reliefs from grayscale photos and 3D wrapping and projection of engravings.
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Pictures by PC CAM Software for Engraving and Carving


Vector Graphic and Typography

New artwork can be sketched using the vector graphic design tools (Bezier, Nurbs). Typesetting tools (Truetype Postscript) offer the highest level of typography (Kerning, Editing, Unicode). Vector based artwork can be imported using Adobe Illustrator (AI), Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), Window Meta Format (WMF) and Enhanced Meta Format (EMF). Black and white bitmaps (scans) can be vectorised to generate engraving contours. Grey scaled photos can be converted into 3D mesh relief models.


Engraving and Carving

Engraving involves running a tool with a constant depth of cut along the center of a contour. The tool diameter determines the width of cut. Carving requires a conical tool, and facilitates the cutting of sharp embossing stamps and imprints. To achieve this in a sharp corner of a contour, and corresponding to the conical angle of the engraving tool, a 3D toolpath is created to ensure the smallest conical radius is maintained at the top contour, leaving a "sharp" corner. Carving facilitates the production of both raised and indented stamps.


3D Projection and 3D Wrapping

2D engraving and carving strategies can be projected onto 3D solid, surface or mesh models. Toolpaths can also be wrapped around cylindrical, spherical or conical forms (simple curved surfaces). For more complex shapes (jewellery and woodworking) the simple curved toolpaths can be wrapped a second time around additional cylindrical, spherical or conical forms (double curvature surfaces). The resulting tool paths can be machined up to 5 axis simultaneously.


Creation of vector graphic and typography including bitmap vectorisation for engraving and carving using Pictures by PC CAM software.
Pictures by PC CAM software for 3, 4 and 5 axis carving that facilitates the cutting of sharp embossing stamps and imprints.
3D projection and wrapping / unfolding of 2D engravings onto 3D solid, surface or mesh models using Pictures by PC CAM software.
  • Without good CAD / CAM software such as with Pictures by PC, the ever more complex construction and mould making processes are not possible. Particularly noteworthy with SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH is the free support, and as they are the actual maker of the software, any questions or problems we have are answered promptly. The large number of standard post processors that are available and the problem-free adaptation should also be mentioned - The software forms a cornerstone of our success.
    Bernd Kellner
  • Hats off, you are absolutely fantastic! I already know why I turn away every other supplier of CAD / CAM systems. Your service is not only fast and reliable, but also extremely competent. Taking all these three things together, I believe, there would be problems finding such a combination again!
    Roman Held
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