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SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH to Present Version 3.10 of its Proven CAD/CAM software at AMB 2022

SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH to Present Version 3.10 of its Proven CAD/CAM software at AMB 2022 August 2022 - On the AMB (Stuttgart, September 13-17, 2022), German software manufacturer SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH are to demonstrate the significant performance enhancements of version 3.10 of their Pictures by PC-CAD/CAM software.

Automated Milling
Small batch sizes, increasing cost pressures and staff shortages nowadays require a higher degree of automation of classical CNC processes. The new software release from SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH focusses on this with its CAMsmart technology, automating the manufacturing process for multi-sided machining of typical, prismatic workpieces.

Pictures by PC CAD/CAM Software - Automated MillingThe process begins with the construction or import of the 3D CAD volume model (usually via STEP or IGES, VEC and VCZ). The part, which may come supplied in any number of different orientations, is then aligned ready for production. This is followed by the geometric analysis of the workpiece, in which typical, multi-sided 2.5D or 3D milling and drilling features are identified. Appropriate CAM strategies are then assigned to these so that the part can then be manufactured on the machine (e.g., facing, contouring, pocket milling, chamfering, drilling, edge rounding). All of the above-mentioned steps run automatically, but can be modified or supplemented at any time by experienced users.

Pictures by PC CAD/CAM Software - Undercut MachiningUse of New Tool Forms
In the new 3.10 version, user-defined tool shapes (e.g. parabolic cutters, barrel cutters, concave radius cutters, etc.) can now be defined using a 2D sketch (e.g. DXF) and used on 3- to 5-axis milling machines.

For example, parabolic or multi-radius milling cutters considerably improve the machining of steep and flat areas, as the larger radii curvature of the milling cutter facilitates larger tool path stepover distances compared to conventional spherical or torus milling cutters, while maintaining the same surface roughness. This leads to a reduction in the number of tool paths, a reduction in machining time and an increase in tool life while maintaining the same surface quality.

Enhanced Machining of Plate Material
In the case of components in sheet material, in order to keep the parts in position when machining, the milling contours now include tags, which can then be separated with a second operation using a number of differing methods. The user has full control over the tag position (manual or automatic placement), length and height etc., as well as the removal method. The machining of contours has also been significantly enhanced, e.g. with more complex approach and milling methods.

Numerous Other Additions
At this point, it would go beyond the scope to explain the large spectrum of all supplementary CAD and CAM functions in detail. Interested readers can see the new functionality for themselves at the SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH stand at AMB 2022 (Hall C2, Stand 2A01).

With its in-house developed software solutions, SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH can refer to more than 35 years of product continuity. To date there are no maintenance or support costs charged with the software.

The well-known Schott Systeme motto applies: Software Benefits instead of Software Costs.



  • At 1st Mold, we make aluminum tools for plastic injection molding. We mill our complex and high-precision forms using Pictures by PC. What we particularly appreciate about Pictures by PC is the ability to program routines to automate the creation of milling programs. It should also be mentioned that all the software’s functions are accessible as source code so that they can also be easily adapted. The support is very competent and helps should questions about programming arise. Even with the software updates, you can see that SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH takes user requests and information seriously and integrates them into the software.
    Elmar Dittrich 1st Mould GmbH
  • We work at several workstations with the CAD / CAM software Pictures by PC, mainly to undertake our machining tasks (we are a classic injection mould maker). I find the efficiency of the support / service particularly impressive. I was always helped promptly, patiently, competently and in a friendly manner. The topics dealt with went much deeper than just using the software. Suggestions for enhancements are welcomed and taken on board for future versions. We look back on a long-term cooperation with SCHOTT SYSTEME, we consider the strong customer focus of Schott as an absolute added value.
    Harald Stöss Lechner Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG
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