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Pictures by PC CAM and CNC software includes a range of 5 axis machining features, from rest material for multisided roughing, hole recognition for 5 axis holes, swarf and chamfer cutting, slot milling, engraving and 5 axis finishing. Some of the product highlights include:

  • 4 Axis Rotary Roughing
  • Generation and Visual Comparison of Rest Material
  • 5 Axis Simultaneous Finishing
  • Manual Control of Tool Orientation (Direction Vectors)
  • Collision Control with Machine Head and Tool Holder
  • Free Standard Machine Post Processors

SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH remain one of a very few CAD/CAM developers that offer free support, without yearly maintenance costs. All standard machine post processors are also included at no extra charge. Visit www.schott-systeme.com

Über uns

Seit über 35 Jahren entwickelt und vermarktet die SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH umfangreiche Software-Lösungen für Grafik, Design, CAD-Konstruktion, CAM- /CNC-Fertigung, Produktpräsentationen, Dokumentationen und Spezialanwendungen.


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