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Improved Machining Efficiency with Pictures by PC 3 and 5 Axis Spiral Finishing

CAD CAM Software News - Spiral Finishing    German software developer SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH is dramatically improving machining times through the introduction of 3 and 5 axis spiral finishing technologies within their Pictures by PC CAD/CAM Software.

Ideal for mould making and general machining, Spiral Finishing is the morphing of a toolpath from an outer guide curve to a single point or center curve. The resulting single spiral toolpath maintains constant contact between the tool and work piece, removing the need for connecting and retraction toolpaths (reducing machining times and improving surface finish). The maximum tool step-over is also calculated relating to the angle of the surfaces to machine (flat and steep regions). This ensures a maximum machining cusp height regardless of the region to machine.

Complex mould tools with slight undercut regions benefit from the 5-axis simultaneous Spiral Finishing within Pictures by PC. Morphing the toolpaths again in a spiral, the tool is automatically tilted to reach undercut regions (with control to maintain a maximum tilt angle). Both spiral finishing technologies (developed in-house by SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH) can be applied to hybrid mixed solid, surface and mesh models.

SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH remain one of a very few CAD/CAM developers that offer free support, without yearly maintenance costs. All standard machine post processors are also included at no extra charge.

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