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  • 3D Freeform Machining

    Milling of freeform models (volumes, surfaces and meshes) including trochoidal high-performance milling (HPC) and high-speed finishing (HSC).
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CAM Video - Model Making and Prototyping

Pictures by PC CAD/CAM software includes numerous technologies to ensure the quick and easy modification and machining of complex freeform models. Typical industries include model making, prototyping and mould making. Features displayed in the presentation include:

Highlights include:

  • Direct Modelling - interactive alteration of any imported solid model
  • Feature Recognition - automatic identification of freeform features to modify or machine
  • 3+2 Axis Machining - multi axis machining of 2D and 3D milling operations
  • 3D Machining - state of the art Fine Step Roughing, hybrid finishing and rest material recognition
  • 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining - swarf and chamfer cutting, as well as 5 axis rest material machining


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For more than 35 years, SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH has developed and marketed comprehensive software solutions for graphics, design, CAD design, CAM / CNC production, product presentations, documentation and special applications.


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