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  • 2 and 4 Axis Wire Cutting

    2 and 4 axis wire cutting including rough and finish cutting with multiple tagging options. Automatic recognition of die (pocket) and hole features.
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2 and 4 Axis Wire Cutting

Pictures by PC CAD/CAM Software - 4 Axis Pocket

Pictures by PC enables the CNC wire cutting of 2D and 3D CAD geometry within a few simple steps. Proven 2 and 4 axis machining strategies (Roughing, Finishing, Destroy Cutting) are applied with a single mouse click and altered to suit. The user has full control over tagging options in addition to automatic tag removal. Multiple corner types include square, ISO and conic. Toolpaths can be simulated and translated into NC code using a machine post processor.

Manual and Automatic Wire Synchronisation

When cutting differing upper and lower profiles, the software automatically synchronises the wire between the two contours (4 axis simultaneous cutting). The placement of vector direction symbols also enable the wire inclination to be manually adjusted at strategic points on the contours. The final sequence of cuts can be optimised across multiple operations, controlling the order of roughing, finishing and tag removal cuts. Pictures by PC CAD/CAM Software - Wire EDM Cutting - 4 Axis Boss

Feature Recognition

Pictures by PC CAD/CAM Software - Wire EDM Cutting - Feature Recognition

Feature recognition helps to automatically identify areas (pocket and hole contours) to wire cut directly from 2D and 3D CAD geometry. Additional highlights include the automatic generation of involute gear profiles for cutting, and the inclusion of CAD tools to both create, modify and repair 2D contours and 3D solid models.


** Extra module to CAD and CAM **

No Yearly Maintenance Fees

No Yearly Maintenance Fees

When purchasing our Pictures by PC CAD/CAM software, you purchase a perpetual license. This means that the license can be continually used without any time limit and without any charge for yearly maintenance. Simply put there is only one upfront cost with unlimited use and no yearly maintenance fees.

Free Machine Post Processors

Free Machine Post Processors

Machine post processors for standard controllers are included with our Pictures by PC CAD/CAM software and adjusted free of charge. Customers can also use the supplied post processor generator to make alterations.

Free Software Support

Free Software Support

Our policy since the launch of Pictures by PC back in 1984, has always been to offer free software support. This continues even today with free access to support via telephone and email, directly with our software development team, for all of our customers.


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