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    Create stunning sales and marketing visuals using photo realistic rendering, animation, stereo and virtual reality presentations.
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Photo Realistic Rendering

Pictures by PC CAD/CAM Software - Photo Realistic Rendering

Select from a wide range of lights, materials, textures and surface shaders (polished metal, glass etc.) to generate stunning rendered product visuals. SIBL 'Smart Image Based Lighting' utilises a spherical environment image (backdrop) to automatically render a scene with back ground reflections and sun light positioning. Advanced rendering techniques also include displacement (wave, windy wave, ripple), environment (fog, mist etc) and photonic shaders.


Create animated presentation films to demonstrate how a product functions. Animate any object movement (move, scale, rotate) over a period of time. An animation controller provides control over acceleration and deceleration, key frame copying and animations defined by mathematical formula. Animate cameras along paths to create fly-bys and walk through presentations (also with 3D stereo and virtual reality output).
Pictures by PC CAD/CAM Software - Animation

Stereo and Virtual Reality Presentations

Pictures by PC CAD/CAM Software - Technical Documentation

By adjusting the ‘Focal Length’ and ‘Scene Depth’ of a perspective view of a 3D CAD model, a stereo image is generated from two camera viewpoints for the right and left eye (in two colours). This stereo effect is then visible on a normal computer monitor using inexpensive 2 colour glasses. 3D scenes can in addition be exported as a virtual reality HTML format for fully immersive viewing using virtual reality headsets and an up to date internet browser.

 ** All features are standard within 2D CAD / 3D Modelling **

No Yearly Maintenance Fees

No Yearly Maintenance Fees

When purchasing our Pictures by PC CAD/CAM software, you purchase a perpetual license. This means that the license can be continually used without any time limit and without any charge for yearly maintenance. Simply put there is only one upfront cost with unlimited use and no yearly maintenance fees.

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Free Software Support

Free Software Support

Our policy since the launch of Pictures by PC back in 1984, has always been to offer free software support. This continues even today with free access to support via telephone and email, directly with our software development team, for all of our customers.


Über uns

Die SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH entwickelt und vermarktet seit über 35 Jahren erfolgreich eine breites Spektrum von Software-Produktfamilien für Grafik und Design, CAD-Konstruktion, Produktpräsentation und Dokumentation sowie auch verschiedene CAM-Technologien und zahlreiche Spezialanwendungen.


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